Research and Development

Islamic Relief’s vision is that of a caring world where communities are empowered, social obligations are fulfilled and people respond as one to the suffering of others. The Research and Development at Islamic Relief Academy was established in the conviction that research knowledge can bring about the transformation that can lead to the achievement of this vision.

Research is important to Islamic Relief and others in the NGO and Humanitarian sector for various reasons. Research enhances mutual learning as well as locally relevant knowledge sharing. It improves accountability, emphasisig the importance of people centred development. Additionally, research is a basis for collaboration and influence with various shareholders.

Therefore we work with local communities to ensure that we address the priority issues in society that have a bearing on extreme poverty.

The Research and Development Team works in conjunction with Islamic Relief Academy Fellows . Together, we undertake a range of activities that produce the knowledge base upon which the Academy’s ground-breaking provision is based.

In our operations, we try to engage different forms of knowledge. These include the inspiration and guidance from Islam, as well as knowledge gained from the lived experience of people who face multiple forms of deprivation, and also scientific knowledge generated by researchers from FBOs, NGOs and academic institutions.

The results are documented in hundreds of publications that are openly accessible in our e-Library. These publications are used to improve field projects and programmes, as well as develop policies and strategies, engage in policy discourses and improve resource mobilisation.

Our online and searchable database provides global access to many of our publications. Furthermore, these are provided as open source and are free of charge.

To search our vast online database please click here Islamic Relief E-Library