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Assalamu alaikum

Established in 2013, the Islamic Relief Academy is a centre of excellence serving the leadership and development needs of Islamic Relief global family, the wider humanitarian sector and the private sector as a whole.

Islamic Relief Academy’s mission is to build and improve capacity and make a significant contribution to the whole aid sector by offering credible Islamic perspectives on emergency relief and development through the following functions:

1. Learning and Development (L&D) which strives to ensure all its Learning and Development services are offered to the humanitarian practitioners working through the relief and development aid agencies, contributing in the global capacity development in the humanitarian development sector.

2. Research and Development (R&D) seeks to carry out original research on humanitarian response and international development. Through our in-house research capacity as well as collaborative research partnerships with other Faith Based Organisations, Universities and Higher Educational Institutions, we seek to generate the knowledge required to bring about change towards the eradication of extreme poverty and reduction of human suffering.

By the end of 2015, the academy had established links with 8 Universities in the UK and internationally with MoUs signed with 5 institutions. The roster of experts includes 13 academic fellows and 22 post-graduate fellows with 22 projects under our portfolio (17 concluded and 6 of those published and publicly accessible).

3. Internship Programme Islamic Relief launched the Internship Programme to attract, train and retain young, faith-driven humanitarians who can perform in this rapidly changing and challenging environment.

The programme provides a framework through which graduate and post-graduate students from diverse academic backgrounds, are assigned to Islamic Relief Worldwide for a minimum of 3 months. This is designed to inspire the trainees through a combination of practical work assignments and comprehensive, relevant training activities.

Upon completion, applicants will be equipped to pursue a career within the Humanitarian Sector, or to explore other alternatives having gained transferable skills and knowledge during their time with Islamic Relief. To date, the programme has seen 20 per cent of the interns go onto be employed within the organisation.

While we are proud of our 30 year association within the humanitarian sector and Islamic Relief Worlwide, the wide range of courses on offer from Islamic Relief Academy are applicable to any industry or sector and we look forward to your enquiries.

I hope this website will help provide an idea about how we can transform your staff’s capabilities through our training courses either at our luxurious training site or at an location right for your team.

Dr Hossam Said (MBChB, MBA)

Managing Director