Shereen Salih


Shereen has a Masters Degree in International Business from Aston University in the UK, with a focus on Islamic Banking; and is Human Resources Management qualified at Level 5, with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

With a background in software engineering, she has extensive experience of working in Business Administration and Project Planning.

Formerly a self-employed business owner engaged in the recruitment of staff for NHS Hospitals; her accomplishments include, working with the UK Home Office, the Private Sector as well as teaching Arabic and Maths in Supplementary Schools.

In 2000, she set up a charity for Refugees in Birmingham and in 2009 she was appointed to the International Programmes Division of Islamic Relief, from where she moved to her current role with the IR Academy.

Her career has been characterised by her natural flair for Project Management and in 2008 she directed a research project which investigated Islamic banking products as compared to conventional banking services.

Shereen has always enjoyed worldwide travel and loves to learn from and take worthy knowledge from the cultures and countries visited.  She tries to integrate and implement this learning throughout her life by bringing to mind a quotation she regards highly in life:

‘When you see a person who has been given more than you in money and beauty, then look to those who have been given less.”