Leadership Development Programme

Leadership Development Programme (LDP)

General Training

The Islamic Relief Academy Leadership Development Programme (LDP) is an eight day course, consisting of two 4 day modules with 2-3 months interval

Each participant will learn how both the individual and the organisation as whole can thrive as a direct result of your improved strategic leadership.

Individual leaders benefit from understanding and identifying good leadership behavior and adopting such behavior in order to lead the organisation in the right direction.

Main Objectives

  • To Inspire and motivate great strategic leaders and thus benefit the organisation as whole.
  • To understand and practice good leadership behavior and thus enhance the capability and performance of the leadership group.
  • Equip leaders with tools and techniques that empowers and influences others with integrity.
  • To improve effectiveness and efficiency and safeguard the organisation from potential risk that stems from poor leadership.
  • Install a sense of personal responsibility in participants and the confidence to challenge themselves and become leaders in their organisation.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand what it means to be a strategic leader.
  • Have a solid grounding in the practice of leadership.
  • Utilise practical tools and techniques to address challenges more effectively.
  • Reflect on the effects of leaders behaviors and actions and organisational policies and processes on an organisations culture.

Who will benefit from this course?

Leadership Development Programme (LDP) is aimed at new or middle managers, who are currently managing others, have the potential to manage others, or who wish to grow and develop their management abilities.

Aspiring leaders in humanitarian agencies who wish to develop cutting-edge executive management skills within the sector will find the the Leadership Development programme is ideal for their professional development.

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