Aspiring Managers Programme (AMP)

General Training


IR Academy’s Aspiring Managers Programme (AMP) is a four day (2 modules of 2 days) programme providing participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills required of an effective manager.

It’s targeted at team members who have the potential to become managers and is also intended for new managers. The course aims to give participants the confidence for their first step into management.

The training course prepares you for a management interview, introduces key terminology, concepts and theories and equips you with tools and techniques that can be used in your daily work as a new manager.

The content of the programme is predominantly practical and interactive, focusing on application, supported by theory and with reflection built in as good practice.

This course is a good introduction to management and serves as a preparatory module for the 5 day Management Development Programme (MDP).

Main Objectives

  • To set standards for management and ensure that staff within teams, locally and globally, are well managed.
  • To ensure the organisation is retaining quality staff through good management practices.
  • To help aspiring and new managers grow and develop their management acumen through theory and practical application.
  • To safeguard the organisation from potential risks that stem from poor management of staff.
  • To offer a nationally recognised management qualification (subject to approval).
  • To enable prospective managers to effectively make the transition from ‘work mate’ to manager.

Who will benefit from this course?

The course is specifically designed to advance the knowledge and skills of aspiring managers and those who recently assumed managerial responsibilities.

In addition this course is for anyone who wishes to gain more insight into and develop skills of the basics of management.

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